Crafting With Soap

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Fun is the enjoyment of pleasure, particularly gained from doing leisure activities. It is an enjoyable distraction, diverting the mind and body from any serious task or contributing an extra dimension to it. For another definition of fun, we can distinguish fun from non-fun experiences by their lack of unpleasant qualities. People tend to do their hobbies as a form of fun activities – biking, trekking, writing, swimming, and even crafting.

soap-craftingOne proven activity that gives pleasure is crafting. It is a pastime or a profession that requires particular skills and knowledge of skilled work. It is an activity involving skill in making things by hand. There are different kinds of crafts — Textile Crafts, Paper Crafts, Fashion Crafts, Functional Crafts and Decorative Crafts. Doing crafts also requires creativity, patience and oftentimes hard work, hence not everyone does this. It should be one’s passion that will keep them making more and more crafts and not anything else.

Moreover, in chemistry, soap is a salt of a fatty acid. Soaps are mainly used as surfactants for washing, bathing, and cleaning, but they are also used in crafting. You can make amazing crafts from soaps among other materials. Another thing is you can carve using soap, it’s simple and inexpensive you’ll just have to be creative to design something amazing. There are various crafts that can be made using soaps. A list is presented below.

  1. Soap fish. You can buy an inexpensive oval soap and put it in a nylon net square (yellow or orange will be    perfect) and use a twist tie to tie the end. By doing this you make a fish body, please remember to take the soap      out of the box. Finally just add two wiggly eyes to complete your fish.
  2. Making shapes from ordinary soaps. You can take a mild bar of soap (such as Ivory) and grater it. Mix it with warm water (you can start with 1/2 cup and add to be to keep the consistency of thick dough). Once your soap         and water is blended, press the mixture into the cookie cutters and let it dry for 24 hours.
  3. Soap Swan. This is a vintage craft from the 60’s made from nylon net and a bar of soap. The kids could help with this one. I had made it into a swan at that time, and just dismantled it and rebuilt it with fresh materials. I believe you could use any bath bar and, perhaps, carve the edges at the point that makes the tail.

These crafts are for decorative purposes only because obviously, to attract the widest possible customer base, it’s good to have functionality built into your art or craft. Many times customers who won’t shell out the big bucks for an original creation just because of its good looks will justify the cost because it can also be used in day-to-day life.

There you have it; get some scrap soaps and try making these easy-to-do crafts.

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Easter Scrapbooking Ideas

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For those who want to enjoy the spirit of Easter which is known to be a big celebration to many of us, and for other countries as a form of festival, then take note that it’s not just the Easter eggs that are good to hunt down the road for you to have fun. Making sure that you become creative in many ways possible is known to be a nice thing to do if you feel like celebrating this very nice event in the world. Rest assured that the spirit of Easter will be something that’s amazing for you once you try to consider art with it.

Scrapbooking is known to be the best for you to celebrate Easter with the kids, and for sure you’re going to love spending time with them as you teach them some nice ideas for you to make whenever you want to make some nice memories during this special day. Here are some of the Easter scrapbooking ideas to take note of:

Create a Colorful Variation

Easter means that you need to put in a lot of colors for the design that you want. If you’re going to make some fine memories for this special day, be sure to create a nice scrapbook consisting of many colors. Be sure to choose the lighter tones of color so that you will be able to consider it as a cute design that’s not that harsh to the eyes.

Easter Items in the Page

Be sure that you add up some nice eastern items on the scrapbook that you’re going to make because this is the very theme of the event, and this is a must to consider. Be sure to add a lot of Easter eggs under different colors, be sure to add some nice flowers to represent springtime, and also add that cute little Easter bunny on the side or around the scrapbook to further emphasize that it’s indeed an Easter scrapbook.

You Know the Patterns

Making sure that you add some of the patterns that are meant for easter is a must to do as well. There are swirls, polka dots, zigzags, and many more that comes in many light colors. Be sure to consider this so that you will be able to further emphasize the fact that Easter is finally here.

Add Religion to it

For sure you know well that Easter is not just about the bunnies and the eggs that comes along with patterns of different colors. This even is known to be a religious even that signals the rebirth of Jesus Christ which is why you must consider adding some message about faith and the rebirth of our virtues in the scrapbook. Most of all, make the color theme as light as it is so that it will really look religious.

Photo Ideas

If you want to celebrate Easter with the help of this scrapbook, make sure that you put the picture of togetherness because Easter is meant for that purpose as Jesus was resurrected to signal the message that we must stand as one. For other matters, be sure to add some nice activities with the family as pictures, and you can include selfies of the kids with an Easter egg if you want it simple.

Make sure you have plenty of drinks and food. Coffee is always great to keep the creative juices flowing. Finger food is good to have as well, keep it heated in a toaster oven. Margaritas are also good, but make sure you have a quality blender.

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How to Get Started Quilting

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Warm bed is the type of bed that will make you feel relaxed after a tiring day you have spent for work or study. It is not directly the bed that gives you warm, but what is used for covering it. There is a quilt which is a type of blanket that is used to cover your beds and make it warm at night. It is traditionally composed of three layers of fiber: a woven cloth top, layer of wadding or batting, and a woven back. This is combined using a technique called quilting.

Uses of Quilt

thanksgiving-ideasQuilts have many uses beside it being a bed covering. It could be used as a decoration or even as an object to signify tradition. It is used to give importance to life events such as graduations, a family member leaving home, birth of a child, or even marriage. Quilt is also used for armory (Garmeson), commemoration, education, campaigning, documenting events or social history, artistic impression, traditional gift, or simply for fundraising. Old types of quilt were used to reupholster furniture or to make doll clothing. Its value is not only measured by the beauty it yields but also with its craftsmanship, its sentimental value, and the difficulty of the skill, design and of the pattern. Its uses are not just simply as a covering but can be used to different purposes.

Quilt Features

Quilts vary in the type of fabric it uses, color, shape, and size. It constantly does have three layers which are held together by stitching whether by hand or a machine. Its layers are stitched together to provide texture to the quilt. The top piece with only straight lines may be quilted with straight lines also, or may be quilted with circles and curves. This will make the look of the quilt softer.

Quilting: The Way of Quilt Art

In creating a quilt or simply the sewing of two or more layers of materials together, quilting is the process undergone by it. It is the process of creating quilts uses quilting. Quilter, who does quilting, does quilts by specialized long arm quilting system, by sewing machine, or solely by hand. It is possible for beginners to experience the fun and challenge of making a quilt.

There are best tools which you should prepare to start quilting. You will need Rotary Cutter which will give you a quick piece of your quilt. You also must have Rotary Cutting Mat and Rotary Rulers to aid and guide you with the measurements and cutting distances. To stitch together your quilt pieces easily and faster, a sewing machine will be needed. Big ironing board and heavy iron is really important to give presses to your quilt and make it intact and presentable. In cutting besides Rotary Cutter, you will need to have Fabric Scissors and Paper Scissors. Cotton Thread, Design Wall, Seam Ripper, Pins and Needles are some of the things that you will also need for you to have a good quilt output at the end.

How to Get Started Quilting

Quilting could be a perfect and practical way to have fun and pass time. This will bring out the creativity in you which will not just please you but will also make you comfortable. First thing to do is to prepare the tools you will need: rotary cutter, rotary mat, ruler, basic sewing materials, thread of your choice, fabric, batting, sewing machine or any device to stitch together the quilt pieces, iron, and the pattern you are planning to do.

Before cutting the fabric into sizes you desire, prewash your fabric first. The act of prewashing will shrink the fabric and rinse extra dyes that may ruin your quilt after finishing it. This way will also remove grime or dirt that will also ruin the fabric. Next thing is to press the fabric to remove wrinkles and make the cutting easier. After, make the desired measurements. You need to measure the size of the individual pieces for it to fit perfectly with the others. The trickiest part of measuring is remembering the seam allowance you want. ¼ inch seam allowance will be a general measurement for you to follow. A washable fabric pen mark is a helpful tool to make you remember the places on the fabric to cut.

If measurements are done, cut the pieces and focus on the front quilt for now. Use the rotary cutter and make sure that you do not accidentally make a mistake in cutting especially if your measurements are just exactly what you needed. Lay out your quilt for you get the design you want. Put the pieces you have cut into a pattern you desire and was planning to do. If you want to add beauty to it, you may want to add additional fabric pieces in different colors. Then after laying it out, stack up the rows. You must stack up the pieces in order and work from left to right across the rows.

Once you are down with checking the pattern you want, you can start sewing the rows. Begin by sewing each individual row pieces together and start your row with two of you cut fabric. After repeating the process of placing together the pieces one after the other, press the row using your iron and iron board. This make the final quilt laid flat and look finished especially when the seams are flatten by the iron. After ironing different set of rows, sew them together. Use the same process as you did by putting the pieces together in a row. This will make you complete the quilt front. When the quilt front is already complete, press it again to get a laid flat appearance.

To end your quilting exercise, cut the rest of the fabric and baste it which will be done by layering and pinning out the quilt in place before sewing. Sew the layer together, cut the binding, press it, pin it in place, sew the front of the binding, add the remaining binding, fold the binding over, then that is the time your quilt is finished.


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Thanksgiving Decorations on a Budget

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Thanksgiving is one of those celebrations in a year where everyone gets together and enjoying a bountiful meal. This celebration commemorates giving thanks for the blessing of harvests and more of it in the next year. This is a nationwide celebration for Canadians and Americans but some countries are also joining into the thanksgiving trend. Because it is considered a big event, big preparations are made for this event. This includes the food, drinks, activities to do while you’re together, guest list and decorations. Decorations are everything as this will be the ones that will greet your guests first when they come into your home. Imagine a thanksgiving dinner with a regular plate setting. Would you still have that thanksgiving vibe as you should have? This is not supposed to be like any other dinner so hosts of thanksgiving dinners make it a point to really prepare for this occasion. With the many things that has to be thought about and most especially spend for during this occasion, decorations are usually the ones that are at the bottom of the list. Well, if you just know which decorations to get and how to use them, you would not have to buy a lot of expensive decorations just to impress your guests. Think about what part of the house only needs the decorations and only purchase or yet recycle decorations. To give you more ideas on how to make your thanksgiving celebration something that you can really give thanks, here are some affordable decoration choices that you can have.

Light up your Fireplace

Since thanksgiving is celebrated at the time of year where winter is already approaching near, the fireplace is a big factor during a thanksgiving celebration. Don’t leave your guests in cold and light up that fireplace to not only heat up your party but also warm up your bonding moments. Have some snacks that your guests can nibble on in front of the fireplace.

Have Some Candles

Improvise and use your old candles, if you have any, as decorations. These can not only light up your celebration but also may bring some calm and serene vibe in the house. Gather up some autumn leaves and place them on the table to decorate your candles. You may also add up some nuts or cranberries at the base of the candles. Make sure that your candles are also stable so as to prevent a fire accident.

Recycle unused Halloween pumpkins

Recycle some unused pumpkins in Halloween and have them in a fall arrangement. You can also group these into three or more to give color to your décor or put one on top of the other to have your very own pumpkin topiary.

Use Apple Cores and Mini Pumpkins as Candleholders

Don’t throw your apple cores and mini pumpkins because they may be useful for thanksgiving. Make a hole at the center of either an apple core or mini pumpkin and place your candles in the hole. If you are scared that it might lose its balance and fall, you can use a martini glass or put them in an old muffin tin and cover the spaces with moss or small red berries.

Use Table Runner on the Dining and Sofa Table

Buy or you can just make one that is in velvet or soft cloths in autumn color such as dark gold or orange. The variety of colors will give a splash of color to your decorations.

Arrange Branches in a Pot or Urn

Collect some fallen branches in your backyard and place them in pots or urns. Put these pots on a side table or on a corner to add to the natural feel of the room. If you have a chandelier, you can decorate your branches on it so as to look like vines creeping to it. This would give shadows when the light is turned on giving it a cool vibe.

Recycle Some Fallen birch logs, twigs and pine cones

Gather some logs, twigs and pine cones and place them near the fireplace. These are excellent for stoking the fire. They also add some natural vibe to the house. You can add some scents to them such as cinnamon or vanilla oil to get rid of their soily smell.

Get Rid of the Flowers

Vases are not only for flowers. On a thanksgiving day, collect some acorns, pecans and other shelled nuts and place them inside the vases. This will give an autumn feel in to the house. This is best placed on small corners or spaces.

Let the Kids Participate

Don’t keep all of the work to yourself. Let your kids help with the decorations. Let them design or make their own crafts for the thanksgiving decorations. You may gather some autumn leaves which they can use to make works of art which you could use as decoration for the celebration. Or you may assist them in making the decoration that you want to have. Let your children help in spreading up some of those autumn leaves on the table and then putting a candle to serve as the centerpiece for the table arrangement. You may also let the kids do the centerpieces instead by giving them some mini pumpkins, gourds, nuts, battery operated candles and baskets or plates where they can do their artwork. Let them decide about how they will decorate their centerpiece and wait for them to finish their masterpiece.

Truly, thanksgiving celebrations, or any celebrations for that matter need not be as expensive as others might want it. Simple and recyclable materials can be an economical but a more beautiful choice of decorations to give life to your thanks giving dinners. It is not really important how lavish your celebration maybe, the most important thing is that you enjoy the occasion with the people that you love. After all, they are the blessings in your life that you would want to give thanks for every thanksgiving.

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Easy Weekend Craft Projects

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Usually crafting takes up some of your time. Finding the right materials and tools alone can be time consuming and quite tedious. The task itself, especially when it’s your first time doing a certain project, may take hours, even days to complete. Luckily, for those who just want to craft for a hobby or for those who want something quick and easy to do over the weekend, we’ve prepared a list of easy weekend craft projects just for you.

But before we go into the quick and easy crafts, here are some tips on how to make every crafting experience enjoyable and faster than it normally takes. If you’re looking into doing crafts regularly, prepare a toolbox for all your crafting tools like scissors, glue, paint, ribbons, and the like. Have all your materials and tools in one or two boxes to make sure you’re not darting around the house all the time. Second, create a good crafting environment for yourself. Don’t be a wandering nomad who transfers from one part of the house to another when someone boots you out because they need the space you’re working in. Set up a little office be it in a corner of your room or in the garage. Third, get friends and family to help you out because you know what they say, “the more the merrier!” Anyway, kids love to get their hands dirty so it’ll be no problem getting them involved in any of your projects. Now that you’re all ready to get crafting, here’s your list of great and easy weekend craft projects:


Coasters are a household staple and you can really have too much of ‘em. Even better, they’re a great gift for your friends who love to keep the house neat and tidy and make sure their tables are free of those pesky stains. There are tons of ways to craft DIY coasters but the cheapest and easiest way you can whip up your own personalized set of coasters is to hand paint a set of cork coasters yourself. Simply buy a set of plain cork coasters from craft stores, acrylic paint in the colors you like, and hard paper or card. Make stencils of whichever design you want to imprint onto your coasters and cut them out using a sharp cutter or X-Acto knife. Place the stencil on top of the coaster and paint over it. Let the paint dry and voila! Personalized cork coasters.

Paper-Mache Bowls

A fun project for everyone, parents and kids alike is definitely papier-mache art. You can make pretty much anything using papier-mache, but if you’re looking for something with a little more purpose than just a decorative paper elephant, why not make a quick and easy to make bowl? Tear up strips of paper from patterned paper, magazines, or newspapers. Make a mixture of 1 part white glue and 1 part water. Cover a bowl in plastic wrap and dunk the pieces of paper in the mixture then layer the bowl with the papers until the bowl is completely covered evenly. Apply two to four layers then let dry. Remove the plastic wrap and the bowl and you now have a paper-mache bowl!

String Up Those Bottles

For an easy and kid-friendly crafting session wrap up empty jars and bottles with string or yarn to make them into colorful decorative pieces of décor or funky pencil holders for the kids. Simply dip the string in glue and roll them around the glass jars or bottles until they are completely covered up. Choose fun and bright colors for the kids and use more neutral-toned colors for adults, or even use thin canvas ropes or threads.

Bottle Planters

Need a pot for your house plants but don’t want to spend on pots? Cut large soda bottles in half and use the bottom half to hold your plants. Spray paint the bottles whichever color you want and fill them with soil and plants. You can even design the bottles with a Sharpie or any waterproof felt pen.

Prettify Your Storage Boxes

Here’s another easy craft for you and your kids. Using old scraps of paper or fabric, wrap up your boxes to decorate them so that you don’t have to hide your storage boxes in hard to reach places. Place your boxes out in the open since you’ve decorated them to look nice and fancy and fit for your home.

Ruffle Pillow

If you are more of the sewing kind and have done many crafts before that involved sewing and the like, you may have a lot of scraps of fabric lying around. Make a ruffled pillow case by sewing your scraps of fabric together. For more detailed instructions visit this site:

Fabric-Covered Journals

Similar to wrapping up storage boxes in fabric, cover up store-bought journals in fabric to make prettier and personalized gifts for friends and loved ones. Your friends will surely love this customized gift especially if you choose to wrap them up in their favorite colors.

Cookbook holder

Turn old magazine holders into cute cookbook holders by decorating them with pain and other cute kitchen-related shapes. Attach a wooden spoon by tying a ribbon or adding a special handle for it for a more purposeful craft and you’ll make it even cuter in the process.

There are so much more DIY crafts that are quick and easy to make as long as you’re willing to get creative and to be imaginative with what household items you can recycle and repurpose for your projects. Crafts are fun activities to do with friends and family, especially kids, who you want to bestow upon creativity, imagination, and resourcefulness. Making DIY crafts from old scraps and repurposed items is a great way to introduce the concept of sustainable living and recycling to your kids and family as well. As kids love hands on activities and learning by experience, they will easily pay attention and get their hands dirty when it comes to these easy crafting ideas.


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Hobbies for Kids

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Hobbies for Kids

Parents who want their children to have a certain hobby can start encouraging them at the young age of a pre-schooler. It is said that this is the perfect age in forming hobbies since they are still in a developing stage where their personal interest started to show. This is also the starting age where gifted children started to exhibit their astonishing talents. That is why parents must be attentive to their children at this stage to support them and guide them to a hobby that will feed their personal interests and boost their inborn talents. Here are the few hobbies parents can engage their children into:


Is your boy showing soccer skills for the next Cristiano Ronaldo? Is he shooting hoops like Michael Jordan? Then this hobby is for your child.

Playing sports is a good hobby to enhance body coordination for a kid. It also provides opportunity for physical activity especially for children who usually sit all day watching shows in television, playing video games, or just emerging themselves in technologies.

Sports also promote discipline and goal-setting towards one’s self that can even transpire into the child’s academic pursuits. That is why many children who indulge themselves into sports also excelled at school. Sports also can boost the child’s self-esteem due to the encouraging support of the parents and coaches. They learn to trust their own skills, developing confidence towards their own capabilities. Children who play sports are usually children who are not awkward in making friends, and sports competitions usually provide them a venue for interacting with children of their own age and people from older generation (coaches, parents, etc.). This is the reason why children who play sports are known also for being socially-skilled.

Arts and Crafts

It may all start with a play dough or a crayon drawing in your new painted walls. Do not scold your child. Be happy, for the truth is, your child has an artistic hobby that is starting to bloom. Art is not just a hobby that promotes fun, but also a hobby that promotes creativity and concentration. Their attention is usually picked by colours and forms they can see around them that they subsequently transmit into their arts and crafts.

Children who indulge themselves in arts and crafts are usually children who have right brain dominance. They are also children who are emotionally stable for they can express their feelings that otherwise they cannot express in words, through arts.

Arts and Crafts hobbies can also help a child to develop his or her motor skills, focus and coordination. It may be cutting and shaping a piece of paper into different shapes with the use of a scissor, drawing with crayons, or folding a piece of paper into an airplane, all of these trains a child to learn control and focus that leads to a developed fine motor skills. Your child may start from a messy drawing of stick figures, but who knows, later, with enough support, your child will be able to make delicate arts.

It may be a loom band bracelet-making session, or just your child drawing a smiling sun, appreciate their work and support them. Who knows, maybe you had given birth to the future Leonardo Da Vinci.


Music is said to be the universal language. Anywhere in the globe, music is a constant factor in a society’s culture. So when your child sings a nursery rhyme, he or she is singing in different languages at once. So why not enrol your child in a singing lesson, or more, in a piano or violin lesson? He or she may not be the next Mozart, but music can still provide your child many benefits.

One of the advantages of having music as your child’s hobby is it can help the kid in his or her academic pursuits. According to the website of, Music and math are highly intertwined. The writer said that by understanding beat, rhythm, and scales, children are learning how to divide, create fractions, and recognize patterns. Music, after all, notably has similarities to some principles in mathematics.

Just like hobbies under arts and crafts, music also promotes the development of motor skills and coordination. Playing musical instruments is also a good activity for children suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), or also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It is because performing music involves the functioning of many body parts such as the hands and feet. As what Oliver Sacks, M.D., a professor of Neurology at Columbia University says, “Nothing activates the brain as extensively as music”. It provides children suffering from such, a venue to develop their concentration and focus.

In addition, music is also a good tool to improve the left side of the brain. Children who have difficulty in verbal communication can be help to develop their language processing skills through music.

Moreover, Music teaches patience and team work. In an orchestra or a band, playing instruments takes turn, and you must be patient enough to wait for yours and cooperate as a group, or else you will have discordance on the rhythm. Children in a music class are usually group together to perform a melody that gives them an opportunity to think and act for the benefit of the group he or she belongs to.


The advent of technology provides kids new dimensional hobbies. One of them is blogging. Blogging gives socially-awkward children a place where they can communicate without bias when it comes to physical appearance. Blogging encourage them to express their thoughts, feelings and opinions that afterwards help them communicate with other children in school. It gives them confidence that aid the child to become comfortable in mingling with other children personally.

However, parents must supervise to protect their child from online corruption of the mind, and must balance their children’s activities with physical ones for health benefits.


This is a hobby that must be pushed early to a child. It may all start from dropping coins in a small piggy bank but it has a lifetime financial effect for a child. Saving gives a child a purpose, though they may not seem to realize it at first, and a value they can use when they grow old. Financially stabled individuals are after all individuals who learned how to save at an early age.

Role of Parents in their Kid’s Hobby

Parents play a big role in their children’s development. That is why encouraging your children to indulge themselves into some hobbies is a big yes for parenting. However, before you start enrolling your child into different classes, you must take note, or even ask what does your child wants. Do not push them into something they do not like, for hobbies are made to feed the interests of the child. What you all need to do is support them and make hobbies a fun time for you and your kid.


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